Walleye Ice Fishing Lures

When ice fishing for walleye there are a few lures that are better than most, selecting the correct lure for the day will increase your strike rate immensely. Color and action are also a must to get right when walleye fishing, so always try different methods until you strike the one that gets the most hits.

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Walleye Fishing – The Best Lures
AJ Benes

Read “The Table of Contents” I think you will agree that every aspect of walleye fishing is covered

1 – December.. First Ice
2 – January… Mid Winter
3 – February…Transition to Pre Spawn
4 – March……Late Ice Pre Spawn
5 – April……The Spawn
6 – May……..Post Spawn
7 – June…….Early Summer
8 – July…….Transition to Dog Days
9 – August…..Dog Days
10 – September.Early Fall
11 – October…Fall Time
12 – November..Late Fall
Precision Leadcore Tactics
The Magic Formula



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