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  • Penn Battle Spinner Reels

    Penn Battle Spinner Reels

    The Penn Battle Spinner Reels are designed to be used as an all round reel that comes in eight different sizes. These reels can be used with either mono, braid or superline, plus they have an added bonus of a gasket fitted to the spool (no backing required) that the braid or superline can be tied directly to, is that a good idea or what. These reels also come with a good drag system that gives a very smooth operation […]

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  • Abu Garcia Revo Low Profile Reels

    Abu Garcia Revo Low Profile Reels

    Have you seen the latest line up of Abu Garcia Revo’s, if not take a look at this short video. Abu Garcia has produced its most compact, strongest and lightest revo’s to date. The revo’s low profile and up graded gear design both help when retrieving the strongest fighting fish. Have any of you anglers tried any of the latest Abu Garcia products, if so please give us some feed back. Also please hit the “like” button if you enjoyed […]

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  • Flounder fishing from a boat

    Flounder fishing from a boat

    Flounder fishing from a boat can be great fun. First you will need to locate where the fish are, preferably an area with a muddy bottom 6 – 10 ft of water, anchor the boat, you may need to use  two anchors  to keep the boat still on a windy day, next thing to do is get some chum in the water to bring the fish to the boat, ground up clam makes good chum. A small rod and reel […]

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  • Storm FlatStick Jointed Bait

    Storm FlatStick Jointed Bait

    The storm flatstick jointed is a lure/bait that can be cast or trolled anytime of the year, plus it can be used anyway you like. The storm flatstick is a jointed bait with loud multi ball rattle, 6.5″ long, weight is 1.75 oz, comes with holographic eyes,  has external scales and its running depth is 1.5 ft to 8 ft. Take a look at this presentation and see the bait in action, might be another bait to add to your […]

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  • How To Tie The Rapala Knot

    How To Tie The Rapala Knot

    Here is how to tie the rapala knot/loop. It is quite a easy knot to tie with some practice and once tied the loop gives the lure the freedom to move as advised by rapala. Take a look for yourself and see how simple it is to make. If you enjoyed this demonstration please hit the “like” button. PS remember to only fish on days ending with …..y

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  • Rapala Scatter Rap Crankbait

    Rapala Scatter Rap Crankbait

    The Rapala Scatter Rap is a game changer for fishermen that use crank bait, if used correctly. It comes with an evasive action, durability, compact size and 14 new classic colors. Check it out for yourself. I hope that you enjoyed this video enough to hit the like button and share it with a friend. Remember only fish on a day ending in a ……..y Rapala Scatter Rap Crank Lure #05

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  • Berkley NanoFil Fishing Line

    Berkley NanoFil Fishing Line

    The next generation in fishing line Berkley NanoFil Uni – Filament fishing line, handles like mono with the strength of braid. Its best point is its castability and the fact that it has no memory. It comes on 150, 300, 1500 yard spools and 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10,12 LB Test I hope that you have enjoyed this intro enough to hit the “like” button and share it with a friend. PS Remember only fish on a day […]

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  • Spring Fishing for Walleye

    Spring Fishing for Walleye

    Here are some tips from Fish Ed when spring fishing for walleye on the Rainy River. If the snow has not melted on the rivers edge there will be little or no current there, so you will need to move out towards the river center locate a hole, with the hole will come some current, this should be a good spot to start fishing. If the water is clear a good rig to try is superline main line with a […]

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  • Bass fishing in the grass

    Bass fishing in the grass

    Serious anglers all know that BASS = GRASS, See the techniques some of the top anglers use to catch bass in the grass including Kevin Van Dam fishing the bull rushes of the Californian Delta, Woo Daves pulls bass from the grass using a Texas rig and last but not least Tommy Martin and Stacey King use a Coralina rig to pull their bass from the grass. I hope that you enjoyed this demonstration enough to hit the “like” button […]

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  • Walleye Fishing using Berkley Gulp

    Walleye Fishing using Berkley Gulp

    When there are a lot of aggressive fish around it maybe a good time to give Berkley gulp a try. Berkley gulp has an extensive range of shapes and colors that will match any water conditions .In this presentation you are shown how to rig a spinner bait with a double hook setup to a 7″ saltwater jerk shad and a 1/4 oz jig head rigged with a 5″ Arkansas Shiner jerk shad. I hope that you enjoyed this presentation enough […]

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