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  • Fresh Water fishing for Striped Bass with live baits

    Fresh Water fishing for Striped Bass with live baits

    Fresh water fishing for striped bass using planner boards, floats and split shot lines can be great fun if tried and proven methods are used. Check out this presentation to either brush up or learn the basics. Note that the planner boards and floats have no weights attached, also make sure that you twist the line before attaching it to to both the float or planner board as this will make the line pop off when the fish strike instead […]

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  • Catfish Rig using a Hotdog

    Catfish Rig using a Hotdog

    Catfishing is a great sport either by hand (noodling) or using a rod and reel. There several different ideas as to what is the best bait to use. Here is a idea you might not have herd of yet, using a hotdog to catch catfish? No! Well maybe it might be time to give it a try. All you need is a snap swivel, a good sized hook and a well seasoned hotdog, and try using your favorite sent. Please […]

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  • Squid Condom Bait

    Squid Condom Bait

    Here is a different bait that looks like it maybe well worth a try, a piece of squid stuffed with a pilchard, should be a great bait to try on those grand daddy snapper and king fish. Make sure the main hook goes down through both baits for better security, place the keeper hook in the normal place if using one and use the trace half hitched I bet you can’t wait to get out on the water and give […]

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  • Little Red River Trout Fishing

    Little Red River Trout Fishing

    The Section of the Little Red River starting below the Greers Ferry Dam is famous for its trout fishing. Trout were introduced in 1966 and there is a section of approximately 30 miles starting from below the dam that fishes well for rainbows, browns and cutthroats. The brown trout spawning run is from mid October through to November which is the best time to fish the river. Check out this short video and get an insight into trout fishing from […]

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  • Bass Fishing Heavy Grass Rig

    Bass Fishing Heavy Grass Rig

    Bass fishing the grass can mean any vegetation that is growing under the water such as coontail, hydrilla, lily pads, hyacinths and milfoil. These grasses are a must for any fishing area to be successful as they are a great place for young fish to hide from their predators thus improving their survival rate and making the area a better place to fish. The different grasses hold the fish at different times of the year, the trick is to find […]

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  • Spinner baits with Kevin Van Dam

    Spinner baits with Kevin Van Dam

    Spinner baits are mainly used to catch predator fish such as bass, perch and pike. This is a very versatile bait that you should have in your tackle box as it can be used at any depth throughout the water column. These baits usually come with either one or two  blades that are shaped so that they spin when they are moved through the water, the movement creates a flashing vibrating object that looks like a  small fish of prey […]

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  • Pre Spawn Spinner Baits

    Pre Spawn Spinner Baits

    When choosing a pre spawn spinner bait, choose one to suit the water color. In muddy water you will need a spinner bait that gives off a lot of vibration to attract the fish so try using a two blade colorado rig that will not only put out a lot of vibration but also allow you to fish slowly. In water with up to three feet of visibility use a small silver colorado blade with a larger gold willow leaf […]

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  • Hook Setting and Fish Fighting with a Fly Rod

    Hook Setting and Fish Fighting with a Fly Rod

    When trout fishing  with a fly rod the best way to set the hook is by giving the rod a short sharp lift, not by wrenching the rod backwards. When salt water fishing with a fly rod a different method is used to set the hook as the salt water species tend to have a much harder mouth, this situation requires a strip set which is pulling the line in by hand through the rod, same as when you are […]

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  • Spawning Bass Crankbait Fishing Tips

    Spawning Bass Crankbait Fishing Tips

    Here are some great tips from Stephen Fatherree, Lake Fork fishing guide. Stephen is talking about throwing a square bill crankbait and using a fast erratic retrieve, even pausing after hitting a submerged object to entice the fish to attack. He also tells you what gear is his favorite and how to use it. Lake Fork is well known for great bass fishing and is the number one lake in Texas for large bass, it is located 90 miles to […]

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  • Fishing Rod Repair – Replacing a Rod Tip Top

    Fishing Rod Repair – Replacing a Rod Tip Top

    Most of us probably have at least one rod in the shed of somewhere with a broken or missing rod tip top that we are not quite sure what to do with. Its not that big a job to repair, plus all the gear that you will need is a replacement rod tip top, some stick glue, a lighter, pliers and a razor blade. First thing to do is heat the rod tip top that is being replaced just enough […]

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