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  • Fishing can be fun!

    Fishing can be fun!

    Did you go out fishing this weekend, did you hear any strange noises? These two guys were having a nice peaceful fishing experience then along came a #*>,@ and scared the living c*!# out of them! Check out this video for a bit of a laugh and help brighten up the coming weeks work. I hope the water isn’t to cold! Before you go to work please hit the like button and share this with a friend. PS.. Remember only […]

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  • Walleye Ice Fishing Lures

    Walleye Ice Fishing Lures

    When ice fishing for walleye there are a few lures that are better than most, selecting the correct lure for the day will increase your strike rate immensely. Color and action are also a must to get right when walleye fishing, so always try different methods until you strike the one that gets the most hits. Have a great day out on the ice / water, but before you go don’t forget to hit the ‘like” button and share this […]

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  • Divers help entangled dolphin

    Divers help entangled dolphin

    During a night dive off Hawaii these professional divers noticed a dolphin with fishing line tangled around one of its flippers, they were able to remove the tangled fishing line giving the dolphin more freedom of movement but were unable to remove the hook. Isn’t great to see this interaction between humans and dolphins. Don’t forget to hit the like button and share this with a friend before you go fishing. PS… Remember only fish on days ending with a […]

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  • Great Boat Accessory

    Great Boat Accessory

    Do you ever take someone out on your boat and about half an hour latter wished you had left them on dry land? Nitro boats have solved this problem for us hook line and sinker. Take a peak at this great boat accessory. Before you shoot out to buy one of these please hit the like button and share this with a friend. PS… remember only fish on days ending with a ……..y If you can’t afford the above accessory […]

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  • Osprey – The Ultimate Fisher

    Osprey – The Ultimate Fisher

    How would you like it if you had to dive from 30 to 150 feet to catch your fish. The Osprey don’t seem to mind and look at all those hooks, they can’t miss. Osprey also known as fish eagle, sea hawk or fish hawk are a magnificent site to see in action at any time and are found in most continents around the world. Take a look at this short clip and see them in action. Please hit the […]

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  • AA battery trick that they don’t want you to know

    AA battery trick that they don’t want you to know

    How much money do you spend on batteries to power your fishing gear and other gear every year, it probably adds up to hundreds of dollars a year. What price do you pay for a small pack of AA batteries and what price do you pay for a 6 volt lantern battery? Near enough to the same right? Well here is a good trick that that will save you heaps on AA batteries that they don’t want you to know, […]

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  • Fishing with Minnows

    Fishing with Minnows

    Minnows are small saltwater or fresh water fish which are often used for bait fish. Using minnows for baits is one of the best fishing methods out there. Minnow bait fish can usually be obtained from the local bait shop especially those near to the fishing locations, or you can be like a lot of fishermen and go out and catch your own minnows/bait fish. Please take the time to hit the like button before you take off fishing. Tight […]

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  • 92 Year Old Veteran’s Fly Fishing Dream Comes True

    92 Year Old Veteran’s Fly Fishing Dream Comes True

    When 92 year old wheel chair bound retired navy officer Bobby Williams was asked what he would like if he had one free wish he said he would like to go fly fishing, as last time he went was 80 years ago. So a small group of good sorts decided to make his wish come true, they took him down to a local creek and man handled him and his wheel chair into the creek and let him have a […]

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  • Izumi Shad Live Bait

    Izumi Shad Live Bait

    To any predator fish Izumi Shad Alive must look like the real thing, well as real as a man made swim bait can get. Shad alive comes in three versions floating, slow sinking, fast sinking plus it comes in several different sizes and weights. Izumi Shad Alive is aimed at the main predator species such as pike, zander, chub, trout and perch. Its very good design and weight make it very easy to manipulate using techniques such as slow to […]

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  • Shrimp for livebait

    Shrimp for livebait

    Here are some pointers to try when live baiting with shrimp * Always use a hook that suits the size of the targeted predator fish. * Set the hook through the last joint in the tail which will help the shrimp stay alive for long periods of time. * The shrimp will be able to wriggle and kick enticing any predator fish to strike. Don’t forget to use the shrimp for bait and not your palate! Also please hit the […]

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