Hook Setting and Fish Fighting with a Fly Rod

When trout fishing  with a fly rod the best way to set the hook is by giving the rod a short sharp lift, not by wrenching the rod backwards. When salt water fishing with a fly rod a different method is used to set the hook as the salt water species tend to have a much harder mouth, this situation requires a strip set which is pulling the line in by hand through the rod, same as when you are retrieving the line with a fly on the end trying to attract the fish, once the hook has been set let the fish run. When fighting the fish with a fly rod you put much more pressure on the fish by using the but end of the rod not the tip, so hold the rod in a semi horizontal position and pull the rod the opposite way to what the fish is trying to run thus increasing the pressure on the fish exhausting it much quicker.

I hope that this video has given you some tips that with help you next time that you are out on the water. Please hit the like button and share with you friends. PS…….When in Doubt Exaggerate!

Crystal River C/R Fly Fishing Vest

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