Flounder fishing from a boat

Flounder fishing from a boat can be great fun. First you will need to locate where the fish are, preferably an area with a muddy bottom 6 – 10 ft of water, anchor the boat, you may need to use  two anchors  to keep the boat still on a windy day, next thing to do is get some chum in the water to bring the fish to the boat, ground up clam makes good chum. A small rod and reel with say 10 lb test is all you need with a 3 way swivel, a  two hook trace with a sinker to keep the rig on the bottom. Best bait to use is either worms, clam or bank mussel. Now you are ready to fish, good luck and please be patience and only try another spot after about half an hour of no bites.

Did you know that flounder flip onto their side when they are around 3 months old, flounder have their eyes on their right hand side, fluke have their eyes on their left hand side and the world record for flounder is 22 lb 7 oz caught in 1975. If you enjoyed this video please hit the like button and share it with a friend. Remember only fish on days ending with a  ………y



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