Fizards Revolutionary Fish Attractant

Fizards is a revolutionary fish attractant this will change the way you fish. Typical attractants are spray on, oil based solutions that just don’t last. Recently, soft plastic lures have been introduced that are impregnated with scent, but they don’t add anything to your presentation that hasn’t been around for years. Traditional attractants appeal to a two or three of the senses of fish at best. Let us introduce you to Fizards…A fish attractant that appeals to all 5 senses, and is more versatile than any attractant anyone has ever seen!

Fizards is a revolutionary new fish attractant that introduces a fizzing scent trail from your favorite lure regardless of your fishing style. Fizards is moldable, pliable, and infused with fish attracting shad oil. When your Fizards hit the water, it begins to dissolve while it releases air bubbles and an unprecedented scent trail from any lure in your tackle box. Our patent pending formula has been getting the attention of best fishermen worldwide because it works on virtually every species of game fish and sport fish you can imagine.

Fizards is deadly on Crappie…Guide services in the know are using Fizards to¬†catch some of their biggest stringers of Crappie in years. Whether you fish with a jig, a minnow, or even trolling, Fizards adds 5 senses of attraction to your presentation.

Ever try to catch a finicky Bass on a bed that just won’t bite? Add Fizards to you favorite Texas rigged plastic and let Fizards do the work for you. Bass can’t stand the bubbling sensation coming from their bed.


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  1. Gary Larsen says:

    Sounds like a great system. Would love to try out and see how it goes in New Zealand.

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