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  • Fall Walleye Fishing

    Fall Walleye Fishing

    Fall walleye fishing is one of the best if not the best time to fish for those monster fish as the cooler water temperatures make the fish go into a feeding frenzy fattening themselves up for winter. Fall is when you use larger baits dropped in front of fish and slowly retrieved. Like to know more,learn what baits the experts like and how to use them and soon you to will be landing some of those giant walleye. Now that […]

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  • Walleye Ice Fishing Lures

    Walleye Ice Fishing Lures

    When ice fishing for walleye there are a few lures that are better than most, selecting the correct lure for the day will increase your strike rate immensely. Color and action are also a must to get right when walleye fishing, so always try different methods until you strike the one that gets the most hits. Have a great day out on the ice / water, but before you go don’t forget to hit the ‘like” button and share this […]

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  • Spring Fishing for Walleye

    Spring Fishing for Walleye

    Here are some tips from Fish Ed when spring fishing for walleye on the Rainy River. If the snow has not melted on the rivers edge there will be little or no current there, so you will need to move out towards the river center locate a hole, with the hole will come some current, this should be a good spot to start fishing. If the water is clear a good rig to try is superline main line with a […]

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  • Walleye Fishing using Berkley Gulp

    Walleye Fishing using Berkley Gulp

    When there are a lot of aggressive fish around it maybe a good time to give Berkley gulp a try. Berkley gulp has an extensive range of shapes and colors that will match any water conditions .In this presentation you are shown how to rig a spinner bait with a double hook setup to a 7″ saltwater jerk shad and a 1/4 oz jig head rigged with a 5″ Arkansas Shiner jerk shad. I hope that you enjoyed this presentation enough […]

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  • Three Way Walleye Rig

    Three Way Walleye Rig

    The Three Way Walleye Rig used with the correct bait for the conditions can be a deadly combination, some of which are The Original Floater, Jointed Rapala, Jointed Thunder Stick and the Jointed Minnow Stick . If you enjoyed this video please hit the “Like” button and share it with your friends. Storm 4″ Suspending Jointed Minnow Stick – Purple/Pink Glow has a reputation of being a Walleye magnet

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  • Walleye Jigging Tips Sand Lake Minnesota

    Walleye Jigging Tips Sand Lake Minnesota

    Here are some Walleye jigging tips that will help next time you are trying to bag a walleye for the table from Tom Neustrom, fishing guide Lakewood Lodge, Sand Lake, Minnesota. Please hit the “like” button if you enjoyed this presentation. Floating Jigheads Make a Perfect Walleye Rig Mister Twister Floating Jig Heads Bait No.2-Pack of 4 (Chartreuse)

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  • Jigging for Walleye

    Jigging for Walleye

    If you have not tried jigging for walleye but can’t wait to try, you will need a 1/4 or 1/8 once jig head, 3″ – 4″ minnow grubs, 10lb fluorocarbon line and a 1mb graphite rod 6′ long with a spinning reel. If you enjoyed this presentation please hit the “like” button and share it with a friend or colleague. Large Walleye 13.5″ x 10.5″ Action Decal

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  • Spinners for Walleye

    Spinners for Walleye

    Spinners have been catching walleye for around 40 years now. The color, the spinning flashing blade and the vibration of the spinner as it moves through the water is a great attractant to any walleye. Minnows, leeches, crawlers and even soft baits can be used to catch walleye using spinners. If you found this presentation enjoyable and helpful please share it with your friends. Take a look at this Spinner Deal

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  • Trolling for Walleye

    Trolling for Walleye

    Trolling for walleye in about 40 feet of water using a Viper Spoon at 2 – 3 mph Hope this video has given you some good information about walleye trolling.  If so please share this video with your friends. “This is the only book you need to by if your fishing for walleye.This book has it all from time to fish for them to how and where. The ins and outs of jigging, rigging, live bait, crankbaits. All the stuff […]

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  • Walleye Fishing

    Walleye Fishing

    Watch this video to get some great tips on different rigs when spinning for walleye using both spinners and spinners with soft bait. Learn when and where to use different setups. If you enjoy this video please share it with a friend.

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