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  • Filleting a Large Halibut

    Filleting a Large Halibut

    Watch and learn how to fillet a 110 pound halibut, check out the bullet holes. Please hit the “like” button if you enjoyed this video and share it with a friend or colleague.

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  • Fillet Channel Catfish

    Fillet Channel Catfish

    This demonstration will show you how to fillet a catfish from removing the slime correctly at the start right through to a boneless fillet at the end. If you enjoy catfish please click the like button. If you love to catfish this book gives some great basic tips in detail, from where to locate the fish, different baits to try right through to cleaning and preparing your fish for the table. Channel Catfish Fever

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  • How to Fillet Snapper

    How to Fillet Snapper

    There are several different methods of filleting snapper, this methods shows how to get the job done by removing the fillet without cutting into the gut cavity,  leaving only the pin bones to remove once the fillet is removed from the skin. You may need some practice to perfect this method but give it a go as you will be more than happy with the outcome. This is very good method of filleting as there is no gut tainting of […]

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  • Cleaning and Filleting Panfish

    Cleaning and Filleting Panfish

    When cleaning and filleting your catch the first step is making sure you have a good sharp filleting knife, then take your time to remove the fillets of meat from the fish and finally remove the meat from the skin leaving you with a boneless fillet. Hope you enjoyed this presentation and it helps you with cleaning and filleting your catch. Please share this demo with a friend.

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  • How to Fillet Trout

    How to Fillet Trout

    How to fillet a large trout (14lb). Starting from the scaling right through to the finished fillet. How many trout have you caught this large? Great fish isn’t it. If you like this presentation please share it with a friend. Grip 9 Piece Fisherman’s Tool Kit “This is a great gift for anyone who fishes! Its everything you need for after the fish is caught except the frying pan! Excellant quality. The fish scale even has a compass on it […]

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  • Clean and Fillet Wild Salmon

    Clean and Fillet Wild Salmon

    Cleaning and filleting wild salmon can easy become quite difficult if you are not sure of the correct procedure, this presenter gives a detailed presentation including the correct way to remove the pin bones so the dinner enjoys a boneless meal. You to can enjoy a side dish of fresh sushi when you fillet your next salmon. If you like this demonstration please share it with a friend.

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  • How to Clean and Fillet Bass

    How to Clean and Fillet Bass

    Here is one way to clean and fillet any bass, small mouth bass, large mouth bass, sea bass or stripped bass. Watch for the presenters pointers especially the one towards the end. What did you think of the tip at end, leaving the dark meat on the skin. If you like this video please share it with a friend. The Complete Guide to Preparing Delicious Freshwater Fish “If you are a casual fisherman/woman/child and hate to waste your catch, this […]

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  • How to Fillet and Clean a Walleye

    How to Fillet and Clean a Walleye

    Learn a easy way to fillet and clean a walleye. Did you think it could be so easy to fillet a walleye. If you enjoyed this video please share it with your friends.

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  • Filleting Sturgeon

    Filleting Sturgeon

    This video will take you through the process of filleting a sturgeon. Hope this video makes the job of filleting your next sturgeon a much better experience. Please share this video with your friends.

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  • How to Fillet a Flounder

    How to Fillet a Flounder

    Here is another way to fillet flounder or fluke. Check out the speed of this pro, please do not attempt to go this fast for a start off as you may cut more than the fish. If you liked watching this video please hit the “like” button and share it with your friends. Perfect for bottom fishing, 2/0 shiner hook with 22″ leader

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