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  • Flounder fishing from a boat

    Flounder fishing from a boat

    Flounder fishing from a boat can be great fun. First you will need to locate where the fish are, preferably an area with a muddy bottom 6 – 10 ft of water, anchor the boat, you may need to use  two anchors  to keep the boat still on a windy day, next thing to do is get some chum in the water to bring the fish to the boat, ground up clam makes good chum. A small rod and reel […]

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  • Flounder Gigging at Night

    Flounder Gigging at Night

    Here is a must to try if you ever get the chance and you don’t need a fishing rod. Flounder gigging at night on a well rigged boat with someone that knows what they are doing, its great fun, take a look for yourself. What did you think of that, hit the like button if you enjoyed this presentation and share it with a friend. 5 LED Headlamp Oaktree Camo Hunting & Fishing Lighted Hat Old Price: $24.99 Price: $11.99

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  • Flounder or Fluke Fishing Rig

    Flounder or Fluke Fishing Rig

    This is a great setup for catching flounder or fluke or any bottom fishing. Have some fun next time you are targeting flounder with this type of rig. Are you willing to give this setup a try, I am. If you like this demonstration please share it with your friends. Remember! only fish on days ending in a …..y. Surf and Saltwater Fishing in the Carolinas “Surf and Saltwater Fishing in the Carolinas is the ultimate all-in-one guide to inshore […]

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  • Flounder Fishing

    Flounder Fishing

    How to catch flounder using a basic fishing rod and reel setup.Follow this video from the first step of catching the bait through to the end, a fine limit of flounder. If you enjoyed this video on how to catch flounder please hit the “like” button and share with a friend. “After reading this book , I hooked up with a 32.5 inch fluke 14 lbs 9 ounces”

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