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  • Fishing Rod Repair – Replacing a Rod Tip Top

    Fishing Rod Repair – Replacing a Rod Tip Top

    Most of us probably have at least one rod in the shed of somewhere with a broken or missing rod tip top that we are not quite sure what to do with. Its not that big a job to repair, plus all the gear that you will need is a replacement rod tip top, some stick glue, a lighter, pliers and a razor blade. First thing to do is heat the rod tip top that is being replaced just enough […]

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  • Storm FlatStick Jointed Bait

    Storm FlatStick Jointed Bait

    The storm flatstick jointed is a lure/bait that can be cast or trolled anytime of the year, plus it can be used anyway you like. The storm flatstick is a jointed bait with loud multi ball rattle, 6.5″ long, weight is 1.75 oz, comes with holographic eyes,  has external scales and its running depth is 1.5 ft to 8 ft. Take a look at this presentation and see the bait in action, might be another bait to add to your […]

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  • How To Tie The Rapala Knot

    How To Tie The Rapala Knot

    Here is how to tie the rapala knot/loop. It is quite a easy knot to tie with some practice and once tied the loop gives the lure the freedom to move as advised by rapala. Take a look for yourself and see how simple it is to make. If you enjoyed this demonstration please hit the “like” button. PS remember to only fish on days ending with …..y

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  • Berkley NanoFil Fishing Line

    Berkley NanoFil Fishing Line

    The next generation in fishing line Berkley NanoFil Uni – Filament fishing line, handles like mono with the strength of braid. Its best point is its castability and the fact that it has no memory. It comes on 150, 300, 1500 yard spools and 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10,12 LB Test I hope that you have enjoyed this intro enough to hit the “like” button and share it with a friend. PS Remember only fish on a day […]

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  • The Rattlin Rapala Lure

    The Rattlin Rapala Lure

    The Rattlin Rapala lure is a hard bodied sub surface lure made out of plastic with two chambers inside full of ball bearings. The flat section at the front of the lure provides all the action that is needed for this lure. The Rattlin Rapala stands out from the rest with the following characteristics: It can be cast long distances, has an exclusive rattle chamber, well balanced design, vmc hooks, is a sinking lure and comes with great classic designs.Watch […]

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  • Rapala Saltwater Skitter Walk

    Rapala Saltwater Skitter Walk

    The rapala saltwater skitter walk is a surface lure or top water bait with a rattle inside. There are two different ways to use this lure, the first is (walking the dog) casting the bait to where you think the fish are located and then slowly retrieving it pausing for a second after about every rotation of the reel thus getting a side to side action like a wounded fish, at the same time keeping the rod tip low down […]

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  • Storm Wildeye Pro series

    Storm Wildeye Pro series

    The Storm Wildeye Pro Series comes in 2 sizes 3.5″ and 4.5″ as well as 2 styles with an added bonus you can change the bodies over without retying. The pro paddle tail that gives out a vibration and is better suited to the deeper water and the pro curl tail better suited to shallow water using a quick retrieve. The pro series come with 3 different weighted jig heads to give the desired depth in the water. These baits […]

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  • Rapala DT Series

    Rapala DT Series

    The Rapala DT series quickly dives to a preset depth and will stay there through out the entire retrieve. It comes in different shapes and patterns and will cover all water depths down to 20 feet, plus it will cast out to 150 feet quite easily. Check it out for yourself. I hope that you enjoyed this demonstration enough to hit the “like” button. Remember only fish on a day ending in a …..y Rapala DT Series Lure (Dark Brown […]

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  • Rapala Minnow Rap Lure

    Rapala Minnow Rap Lure

    The rapala minnow rap is a hand tuned casting and trolling lure that catches several different fish species. When cast it dives to 7 ft, when trolled it can dive to 12 ft, is 4.75 inches long, comes in 8 colors and 4 bleeding patterns. A must for your tackle box. If you enjoyed this presentation it would be great if you hit the like button and also share it with a friend. Any feed back or comments about the […]

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  • How to set a skirted lure troll spread

    How to set a skirted lure troll spread

    Here are some good tips on setting a skirted lure troll spread, learn the basics about what lure is best suited to what position in the trolling spread, this should see your hookup rate increase. Hope you enjoyed this short video enough to hit the like button and share it with a friend. Check out the great range of Polu Kai lures by clicking below Polu Kai XL Tubulation – Black/Red Head

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