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  • How to Crimp Mono or Wire Cable

    How to Crimp Mono or Wire Cable

    Do want to chase bigger game fish but you are not sure about the basic tackle setup. Learning how to crimp both mono and wire cable correctly would be one of the first jobs to master. The only tools you require are a wire crimp tool and a pair of wire cutters. Use copper crimps on cable, aluminium crimps on mono and make sure to use a thimble with both mono and cable as it will stop the mono from […]

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  • Paracord Fishing Lure

    Paracord Fishing Lure

    Here is a simple way to make a very cool fishing lure using a short length of paracord and a # 8 or similar fishing hook. The tools you will require are a knife or scissors, lighter and a pin. Watch this demonstration and follow the simple instructions and you up ready for a test run in no time. If you think this is a great idea please hit the “like” button and share it with a friend. Rothco 550-Pound […]

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  • Fishmates -Fishing App

    Fishmates -Fishing App

    Here is a great fishing app to keep up with the latest gadgets from Fishmates. This app tells you the sunrise, sunset, moon rise, moon set, am and pm bite times, future days weather forecast so you can see whats happening next weekend, plus you get the latest fishing news and tips for your area and last but not least the fishing regulations for your area. Not a bad app to have on your phone? If you like this app […]

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  • Polycaprolactone


    Here is a great product that you maybe able to use to repair that fishing reel handle, knife handle or anything where a nylon plastic type material can be used. Polycaprolactone also known as InstaMorph, Friendly Plastic, Polymorph or Shapelock is a plastic type material when heated to 60 degrees celsius it becomes very supple and easily shaped. Please hit the like button and share this with a friend. PS.. Remember only fish on days ending with a ……y InstaMorph […]

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  • AA battery trick that they don’t want you to know

    AA battery trick that they don’t want you to know

    How much money do you spend on batteries to power your fishing gear and other gear every year, it probably adds up to hundreds of dollars a year. What price do you pay for a small pack of AA batteries and what price do you pay for a 6 volt lantern battery? Near enough to the same right? Well here is a good trick that that will save you heaps on AA batteries that they don’t want you to know, […]

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  • Fishing with Minnows

    Fishing with Minnows

    Minnows are small saltwater or fresh water fish which are often used for bait fish. Using minnows for baits is one of the best fishing methods out there. Minnow bait fish can usually be obtained from the local bait shop especially those near to the fishing locations, or you can be like a lot of fishermen and go out and catch your own minnows/bait fish. Please take the time to hit the like button before you take off fishing. Tight […]

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  • Shrimp for livebait

    Shrimp for livebait

    Here are some pointers to try when live baiting with shrimp * Always use a hook that suits the size of the targeted predator fish. * Set the hook through the last joint in the tail which will help the shrimp stay alive for long periods of time. * The shrimp will be able to wriggle and kick enticing any predator fish to strike. Don’t forget to use the shrimp for bait and not your palate! Also please hit the […]

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  • Squid Condom Bait

    Squid Condom Bait

    Here is a different bait that looks like it maybe well worth a try, a piece of squid stuffed with a pilchard, should be a great bait to try on those grand daddy snapper and king fish. Make sure the main hook goes down through both baits for better security, place the keeper hook in the normal place if using one and use the trace half hitched I bet you can’t wait to get out on the water and give […]

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  • Hook Setting and Fish Fighting with a Fly Rod

    Hook Setting and Fish Fighting with a Fly Rod

    When trout fishing  with a fly rod the best way to set the hook is by giving the rod a short sharp lift, not by wrenching the rod backwards. When salt water fishing with a fly rod a different method is used to set the hook as the salt water species tend to have a much harder mouth, this situation requires a strip set which is pulling the line in by hand through the rod, same as when you are […]

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  • Spawning Bass Crankbait Fishing Tips

    Spawning Bass Crankbait Fishing Tips

    Here are some great tips from Stephen Fatherree, Lake Fork fishing guide. Stephen is talking about throwing a square bill crankbait and using a fast erratic retrieve, even pausing after hitting a submerged object to entice the fish to attack. He also tells you what gear is his favorite and how to use it. Lake Fork is well known for great bass fishing and is the number one lake in Texas for large bass, it is located 90 miles to […]

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