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  • Abu Garcia RECORD Reel

    Abu Garcia RECORD Reel

    Check out the new Ambassadeur Record bait casting reel from Abu Garcia. This reel comes in two sizes the 5600: 6.8:1 and the 6600: 5.3:1. Both reels come in regular or high capacity models. The new spool design is 25% lighter and the line guide system is 65% lighter. These reels come with brass pinion gears, 7+1 ball bearing set up for smooth operation, the handle and drag adjusting star are bent toward the main housing to help with the […]

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  • Fizards Revolutionary Fish Attractant

    Fizards Revolutionary Fish Attractant

    Fizards is a revolutionary fish attractant this will change the way you fish. Typical attractants are spray on, oil based solutions that just don’t last. Recently, soft plastic lures have been introduced that are impregnated with scent, but they don’t add anything to your presentation that hasn’t been around for years. Traditional attractants appeal to a two or three of the senses of fish at best. Let us introduce you to Fizards…A fish attractant that appeals to all 5 senses, […]

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  • Power Pro Fishing Line – Zero Impact

    Power Pro Fishing Line – Zero Impact

    Power Pro Fishing Line has a product new to the market called Zero Impact. This line has 100% knot strength when tied in the knot zone. So what you get is 20 feet of nominal line which is either yellow or green and then a section of knot zone which is black in color and then another section of nominal line and so on. This lines main appliction is aimed at frogging and punching when bass fishing. Take a look […]

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  • Spiderwire Stealth Glow Vis Braid

    Spiderwire Stealth Glow Vis Braid

    The new Spiderwire Stealth Glow Vis Braid that glows above the water so as to give high visibility and once under the water this line takes on a low visibility making it hard for the fish to see which in theory should increase your catch rate. If you enjoyed this presentation please take the time to hit the like button and share this video with a friend. Spiderwire 125-Yard Stealth Glow-Vis Braid Fishing Line, Glow Vis Green, 40/10 Spiderwire Stealth […]

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  • Izumi Shad Live Bait

    Izumi Shad Live Bait

    To any predator fish Izumi Shad Alive must look like the real thing, well as real as a man made swim bait can get. Shad alive comes in three versions floating, slow sinking, fast sinking plus it comes in several different sizes and weights. Izumi Shad Alive is aimed at the main predator species such as pike, zander, chub, trout and perch. Its very good design and weight make it very easy to manipulate using techniques such as slow to […]

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  • Penn Battle Spinner Reels

    Penn Battle Spinner Reels

    The Penn Battle Spinner Reels are designed to be used as an all round reel that comes in eight different sizes. These reels can be used with either mono, braid or superline, plus they have an added bonus of a gasket fitted to the spool (no backing required) that the braid or superline can be tied directly to, is that a good idea or what. These reels also come with a good drag system that gives a very smooth operation […]

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  • Abu Garcia Revo Low Profile Reels

    Abu Garcia Revo Low Profile Reels

    Have you seen the latest line up of Abu Garcia Revo’s, if not take a look at this short video. Abu Garcia has produced its most compact, strongest and lightest revo’s to date. The revo’s low profile and up graded gear design both help when retrieving the strongest fighting fish. Have any of you anglers tried any of the latest Abu Garcia products, if so please give us some feed back. Also please hit the “like” button if you enjoyed […]

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