Buzzbait Bass Fishing

Buzzbaits skim across the top of the water when retrieved correctly, they have a propeller type blade that makes a buzzing noise as it churns up the water. This action is annoying to the bass and tends to make them attack the bait. The following video has some great action plus there are some good tips for buzzbaits at the end including the use of a trailer hook that this angler catches 75% of his fish on.

Now that you know all about buzzbait fishing for bass and would like to give it a shot take a look at the Terminator T-1 range of buzzbaits, these baits come in 4 different colors bright white shad, chartreuse shad, sharp chartreuse and blue/black, have a serrated blade that is either nickel or gold plated. These baits even come with an up turned nose that helps it skip over hidden tree branches and other obstacles in the water and has a wider head that helps to keep on top of the water at slower retrieves.

Terminator T1 Buzzbait



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