Beef up your Giant Trevally Poppers and Stickbaits!!

Giant Trevally are a top level predator fish that can reach up to 170 cm (67″) and weigh up to 80 kg (176 lbs) so is most important that your fishing gear needs to be the best, from your fishing rod right through to the split rings and hooks on the end of your poppers or stick baits. Giant trevally are found mainly through out the Pacific and Indian Oceans and are known by several different names depending on which part of the world you are in eg: lowly trevally, barrier trevally, GT or ulua. These fish hunt as individuals or in schools and are an extremely powerful game fish for their relative size.

Mustad Multi-purpose Braid Cutter, Splitring Pliers

Are you sick of breaking your finger nails when trying to open those split rings? Then these split ring pliers by Mustad are just what need, they work well on all those lures when changing split rings or hooks, well made, easy to handle and every tackle box should have a set.



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