Bass Fishing Heavy Grass Rig

Bass fishing the grass can mean any vegetation that is growing under the water such as coontail, hydrilla, lily pads, hyacinths and milfoil. These grasses are a must for any fishing area to be successful as they are a great place for young fish to hide from their predators thus improving their survival rate and making the area a better place to fish. The different grasses hold the fish at different times of the year, the trick is to find out what grass is holding the fish at any set time during the year. Here is a video demonstrating a good basic heavy grass fishing rig that will help to improve your strike rate when fishing the heavy grass. Take a look.

The bass will be shaking in their boots when they see you coming with this rig won’t they? If you enjoyed this video please hit the like button and share it with a friend. PS… Tight lined everyone.

Check out the Jackall Cover Craw looks like the reel thing and must be worth a go next time you are trying to pull that large bass out of the grass.

Jackall JCOVCRA3-JB Cover Craw



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