900+ lbs Giant Bluefin Tuna

900+ lbs bluefin tuna, where do I go to fish for these giant tuna you ask? Prince Edward Island of cause. Where is PEI, well it is located off the Eastern Coast of Canada in the Gulf of St Lawrence between the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Labrador and Newfoundland. The Islands primary industries are fishing and farming some of which it is famous for…..Tuna, shark, mackerel, oysters, lobster fishing and even potatoes. So now you know a bit about PEI sit back and take a look st Capt. Andy LoCasuo attempting to catch one of these giant tuna using 170 lb line and 50 lbs of drag.

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A Hard Way to Make an Easy Living

From harpooning for bluefin tuna on the East Coast to fishing the unpredictable Bering Sea, relive the life of one commercial fisherman [Kindle Edition]
Corky Decker (Author)



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