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  • Fizards Revolutionary Fish Attractant

    Fizards Revolutionary Fish Attractant

    Fizards is a revolutionary fish attractant this will change the way you fish. Typical attractants are spray on, oil based solutions that just don’t last. Recently, soft plastic lures have been introduced that are impregnated with scent, but they don’t add anything to your presentation that hasn’t been around for years. Traditional attractants appeal to a two or three of the senses of fish at best. Let us introduce you to Fizards…A fish attractant that appeals to all 5 senses, […]

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  • 900+ lbs Giant Bluefin Tuna

    900+ lbs Giant Bluefin Tuna

    900+ lbs bluefin tuna, where do I go to fish for these giant tuna you ask? Prince Edward Island of cause. Where is PEI, well it is located off the Eastern Coast of Canada in the Gulf of St Lawrence between the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Labrador and Newfoundland. The Islands primary industries are fishing and farming some of which it is famous for…..Tuna, shark, mackerel, oysters, lobster fishing and even potatoes. So now you know a bit […]

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