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  • How to Crimp Mono or Wire Cable

    How to Crimp Mono or Wire Cable

    Do want to chase bigger game fish but you are not sure about the basic tackle setup. Learning how to crimp both mono and wire cable correctly would be one of the first jobs to master. The only tools you require are a wire crimp tool and a pair of wire cutters. Use copper crimps on cable, aluminium crimps on mono and make sure to use a thimble with both mono and cable as it will stop the mono from […]

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  • Paracord Fishing Lure

    Paracord Fishing Lure

    Here is a simple way to make a very cool fishing lure using a short length of paracord and a # 8 or similar fishing hook. The tools you will require are a knife or scissors, lighter and a pin. Watch this demonstration and follow the simple instructions and you up ready for a test run in no time. If you think this is a great idea please hit the “like” button and share it with a friend. Rothco 550-Pound […]

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