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  • Fishmates -Fishing App

    Fishmates -Fishing App

    Here is a great fishing app to keep up with the latest gadgets from Fishmates. This app tells you the sunrise, sunset, moon rise, moon set, am and pm bite times, future days weather forecast so you can see whats happening next weekend, plus you get the latest fishing news and tips for your area and last but not least the fishing regulations for your area. Not a bad app to have on your phone? If you like this app […]

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  • Polycaprolactone


    Here is a great product that you maybe able to use to repair that fishing reel handle, knife handle or anything where a nylon plastic type material can be used. Polycaprolactone also known as InstaMorph, Friendly Plastic, Polymorph or Shapelock is a plastic type material when heated to 60 degrees celsius it becomes very supple and easily shaped. Please hit the like button and share this with a friend. PS.. Remember only fish on days ending with a ……y InstaMorph […]

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  • Worlds Fastest Mega Yacht

    Worlds Fastest Mega Yacht

    John Staluppi wanted a mega yacht that was 130′ long and capable of 50 knots, but after trying all around the world to get someone to build it and being told it was not possible he formed his own company and built his own mega yacht. This mega yacht is 140′ long, 28′ wide, has room for 10 guests, 8 crew, 2 diesel engines, 2 turbine engines producing a total of 20,000 hp and a top speed of 75 mph. […]

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  • $1.7 Million Tuna

    $1.7 Million Tuna

    A Sushi Restaurant owner in Japan bid $3,600 US per pound for a bluefin tuna with an all up price tag of $1.7 million, I bet the fishing boat owner had his happy face on. Bluefin tuna is the name given to Pacific Blue tuna, Southern Bluefin tuna, Longtail tuna and Atlantic Bluefin tuna. Japan consumes about half the worlds annual catch. Bluefin tuna’s torpedo shape allows them to reach great speeds, dive to more than 4,000 feet and live […]

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  • Fishing can be fun!

    Fishing can be fun!

    Did you go out fishing this weekend, did you hear any strange noises? These two guys were having a nice peaceful fishing experience then along came a #*>,@ and scared the living c*!# out of them! Check out this video for a bit of a laugh and help brighten up the coming weeks work. I hope the water isn’t to cold! Before you go to work please hit the like button and share this with a friend. PS.. Remember only […]

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