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  • Walleye Ice Fishing Lures

    Walleye Ice Fishing Lures

    When ice fishing for walleye there are a few lures that are better than most, selecting the correct lure for the day will increase your strike rate immensely. Color and action are also a must to get right when walleye fishing, so always try different methods until you strike the one that gets the most hits. Have a great day out on the ice / water, but before you go don’t forget to hit the ‘like” button and share this […]

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  • Divers help entangled dolphin

    Divers help entangled dolphin

    During a night dive off Hawaii these professional divers noticed a dolphin with fishing line tangled around one of its flippers, they were able to remove the tangled fishing line giving the dolphin more freedom of movement but were unable to remove the hook. Isn’t great to see this interaction between humans and dolphins. Don’t forget to hit the like button and share this with a friend before you go fishing. PS… Remember only fish on days ending with a […]

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  • Great Boat Accessory

    Great Boat Accessory

    Do you ever take someone out on your boat and about half an hour latter wished you had left them on dry land? Nitro boats have solved this problem for us hook line and sinker. Take a peak at this great boat accessory. Before you shoot out to buy one of these please hit the like button and share this with a friend. PS… remember only fish on days ending with a ……..y If you can’t afford the above accessory […]

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