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  • Fishing with Minnows

    Fishing with Minnows

    Minnows are small saltwater or fresh water fish which are often used for bait fish. Using minnows for baits is one of the best fishing methods out there. Minnow bait fish can usually be obtained from the local bait shop especially those near to the fishing locations, or you can be like a lot of fishermen and go out and catch your own minnows/bait fish. Please take the time to hit the like button before you take off fishing. Tight […]

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  • 92 Year Old Veteran’s Fly Fishing Dream Comes True

    92 Year Old Veteran’s Fly Fishing Dream Comes True

    When 92 year old wheel chair bound retired navy officer Bobby Williams was asked what he would like if he had one free wish he said he would like to go fly fishing, as last time he went was 80 years ago. So a small group of good sorts decided to make his wish come true, they took him down to a local creek and man handled him and his wheel chair into the creek and let him have a […]

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