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  • Bass Fishing Heavy Grass Rig

    Bass Fishing Heavy Grass Rig

    Bass fishing the grass can mean any vegetation that is growing under the water such as coontail, hydrilla, lily pads, hyacinths and milfoil. These grasses are a must for any fishing area to be successful as they are a great place for young fish to hide from their predators thus improving their survival rate and making the area a better place to fish. The different grasses hold the fish at different times of the year, the trick is to find […]

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  • Spinner baits with Kevin Van Dam

    Spinner baits with Kevin Van Dam

    Spinner baits are mainly used to catch predator fish such as bass, perch and pike. This is a very versatile bait that you should have in your tackle box as it can be used at any depth throughout the water column. These baits usually come with either one or two  blades that are shaped so that they spin when they are moved through the water, the movement creates a flashing vibrating object that looks like a  small fish of prey […]

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