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  • Fishing Rod Repair – Replacing a Rod Tip Top

    Fishing Rod Repair – Replacing a Rod Tip Top

    Most of us probably have at least one rod in the shed of somewhere with a broken or missing rod tip top that we are not quite sure what to do with. Its not that big a job to repair, plus all the gear that you will need is a replacement rod tip top, some stick glue, a lighter, pliers and a razor blade. First thing to do is heat the rod tip top that is being replaced just enough […]

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  • Penn Battle Spinner Reels

    Penn Battle Spinner Reels

    The Penn Battle Spinner Reels are designed to be used as an all round reel that comes in eight different sizes. These reels can be used with either mono, braid or superline, plus they have an added bonus of a gasket fitted to the spool (no backing required) that the braid or superline can be tied directly to, is that a good idea or what. These reels also come with a good drag system that gives a very smooth operation […]

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