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  • Storm Wildeye Pro series

    Storm Wildeye Pro series

    The Storm Wildeye Pro Series comes in 2 sizes 3.5″ and 4.5″ as well as 2 styles with an added bonus you can change the bodies over without retying. The pro paddle tail that gives out a vibration and is better suited to the deeper water and the pro curl tail better suited to shallow water using a quick retrieve. The pro series come with 3 different weighted jig heads to give the desired depth in the water. These baits […]

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  • Rapala DT Series

    Rapala DT Series

    The Rapala DT series quickly dives to a preset depth and will stay there through out the entire retrieve. It comes in different shapes and patterns and will cover all water depths down to 20 feet, plus it will cast out to 150 feet quite easily. Check it out for yourself. I hope that you enjoyed this demonstration enough to hit the “like” button. Remember only fish on a day ending in a …..y Rapala DT Series Lure (Dark Brown […]

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