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  • Boating in Extreme Conditions

    Boating in Extreme Conditions

    “Shiver me Timbers” “Stick a Reef in your Funnel and Chuck your Deck Over Board” Do you check the weather forecast before you go fishing? Might have been a good idea if these fishermen did. Please click the like button if you enjoyed this video and share with a boating friend. Invincible Marine Flat Orange Safety Whistle This safety whistle is made of plastic, works well in wet conditions, has a lanyard to put around your neck and meet USCG […]

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  • Missile Baits – D Bomb

    Missile Baits – D Bomb

    If you are a bass fisherman and have not seen the Missile Baits – D Bomb you would be the same as most the bass out there which must be to your advantage. It comes with a nice thick head that makes sure the bait stays on the hook better, a thin body that helps with heaps of action and setting the hook, last but not least it comes with a oily coating that helps the bait fall through the […]

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