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  • Choosing the Right Fly

    Choosing the Right Fly

    Before you choose a fly you need to observe and see whether the fish are feeding on the top or under the water and also what insects are hatching at the time of the year that you are fishing in. If the fish are feeding on the top of the water use a dry fly and if they feeding under the water choose a wet fly. Easy so far! Watch this short presentation and learn more about wet and dry […]

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  • Lure Color Selection

    Lure Color Selection

    The most important factor when choosing the right colored lure is the sun. If the sun is shining select a flashing lure and if its a dull day select a opaque colored lure. I hope that you enjoyed this short presentation, if so please click the like button and share it a friend. Making Wooden Fishing Lures This book is filled with proven designs, comes with clear instruction for making a great range of wooden lures for use in both […]

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  • Learn How to Make Your Own Fishing Lure

    Learn How to Make Your Own Fishing Lure

    Would you like to try making your own lures but you not sure how or where to start. If you watch this presentation you are taking the first step in your lure making future. Are you ready to have a go at lure making? If you enjoyed this presentation please hit the like button and share it with your friends and colleagues. Alumilite RTV Mould Making Rubber Very easy to use silicone rubber that will give a factory professional looking […]

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