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  • Fillet Channel Catfish

    Fillet Channel Catfish

    This demonstration will show you how to fillet a catfish from removing the slime correctly at the start right through to a boneless fillet at the end. If you enjoy catfish please click the like button. If you love to catfish this book gives some great basic tips in detail, from where to locate the fish, different baits to try right through to cleaning and preparing your fish for the table. Channel Catfish Fever

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  • How to Catch Catfish Tips

    How to Catch Catfish Tips

    Channel catfishing early April Welland River, Ontario, Canada using fresh cut baits If you like catfish please tick the like button. South Bend Catfish Hook Assortment (Assorted) Here is a 36 piece assortment of hooks perfect for your next catfishing trip, which includes a selection of bronze bait holder and do-bait treble hooks.

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