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  • Snap Swivels

    Snap Swivels

    Every fisherman has used some sort of swivel at some time when fishing. The snap swivel is basically a swivel with a snap clip to allow the quick and easy changing of leaders or lures. This presentation will show the pros and cons of some different snap swivels. Did you enjoy this short presentation if so please share it with your friends and colleagues.

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  • Understanding the Fishing Hook

    Understanding the Fishing Hook

    There are several different types of hook on the market today, all have different applications. The basic hook consists of an eye to tie your line onto, followed by the shank which is the backbone of the hook, the bend in the hook is where the strength of  the hook comes from, then you have the barb to stop the fish falling off the hook after the bite and finally the point, this is where the hook penetrates the fish. […]

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