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  • Essential Trout Flies

    Essential Trout Flies

    Every trout fisherman has small selection of his or her favorite flies in theirtackle box of which some will be dries and others will be sub surface flies. Howdoes this selection compare to yours? If you found this presentation helpful please share it with your friends. This book is a guide to the foods that trout eat and the most effective flies to match them. There are both paperback and kindle editions Paperback Edition Kindle Edition

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  • Adding Distance to Your Fly Fishing Cast

    Adding Distance to Your Fly Fishing Cast

    If you would like to be able to cast further, there three basic skills to learn, high line speed, elevated line trajectory and lengthening your stroke. Master these three steps and you will be casting 100 feet in no time. Once you have had some practice let me know if you have reached that 100 foot mark. If you enjoyed this presentation please take the time to share it with a friend or colleague.

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  • The Overhead Cast

    The Overhead Cast

    The overhead cast is what everyone wants to learn so can be a competent fly fisherman. This method of casting can be used where there is lots of room both behind and in front of you. There are two main actions to this cast, the back direction and the forward direction of which the back direction is the harder of the two actions to learn. Once you have come to grips with this method of casting you will be able […]

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  • The Roll Cast

    The Roll Cast

    The roll cast is a great cast to learn if you are fishing a area where there is either a bank or trees behind you, and also if the wind is coming from behind you.This presentation will give you a very good introduction to the roll cast as well as  help you iron out any problems you have at present. If you find this presentation helpful, I am sure you have friends as well as colleagues that will also, so […]

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