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  • Barramundi Fishing Lures

    Barramundi Fishing Lures

    Soft plastic lure fishing is becoming very popular method with barramundi fishermen in both fresh and salt water. The plastic lures can be adjusted by either changing the internal weight, heating the plastic to adjust the lures swimming action or reshaping the lure with a knife of pair of scissors as required. If you enjoyed this presentation then I am sure that you will have friend or colleague that will enjoy it to, so please share it with them. How […]

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  • Braid to Mono Swivel

    Braid to Mono Swivel

    There is no need to try and tie braid to mono again. Join braid to mono using this knotless connection is easy, fast, secure and the swivels come several sizes 8lb, 15lb,30lb, 50lb, 70lb, 100lb and 150lb. If you like this presentation I am sure some of your friends will enjoy it to, so please share it with them as well. The Aussie tackle braid to mono swivel knotless connector makes connecting braid to mono very easy, even in a […]

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