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  • Skirted Football Jig

    Skirted Football Jig

    When some says that they caught their fish on a jig the first thing you would think was what kind of jig. The skirted jig is one of the most common jigs that is used. Here is a short presentation about the football skirted jig which is used for open water, open bottom and some where that you are dragging the bait. If you found this presentation helpful please share it with your friends and colleagues that may also get […]

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  • Bass Fishing Lure Tips

    Bass Fishing Lure Tips

    Carolina rig fishing has its own techniques you have to use to get good hook sets and being able to cast a bait correctly.Another way to catch bass is using a square bill crank bait. If you found this presentation helpful I am sure you have friends and colleagues that will also, so please click the like button and share it with them. Strike King Bleeding Bait, Mini – King could help you land your next bass.

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