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  • Salmon Fishing with a Downrigger

    Salmon Fishing with a Downrigger

    Salmon fishing with a downrigger (canon ball ) is a good way to troll for salmon once you know what depth the fish are located at. First locate the fish with your depth sounder mark the spot on your GPS, attach the bait to your downrigger clip, lower to the correct depth and troll back through the area you marked on the GPS earlier. I think this was a very good presentation, if you enjoyed it too please share it with a friend.

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  • Fly Fishing Basics

    Fly Fishing Basics

    There are different rods for different fish, the fishing rod is graded by weight from 1 – 15 weight 15 being the heaviest. When purchasing make sure the rod, reel and line are a matching set. If you are new to fly fishing a 6 – 7 weighted rod with a 8′ to 9′ rod length is a good setup to start with. Hope you are a little wiser now with fly fishing basics and if you liked this presentation […]

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