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  • Texas Rig

    Texas Rig

    A texas rig with worms, grubs and centipede type baits all work well on black bass. Depending on the time of year and the location some work better than others. Colors also can make a difference, as a general rule light colors on bright days dark colors on dull days. I hope you enjoyed this presentation enough to share it with your friends.

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  • How to Tie a Carolina Rig

    How to Tie a Carolina Rig

    The carolina rig is used to fish on the bottom. It can be used with different baits including a floating lizard, a worm, a jig or even a 2 bait rig. Hope this short presentation helps you with the carolina rig. If you enjoyed this demo please hit the like button and also share it with a friend. Roland Martin surely shows his experience as a pro bass fisherman in this book, as he has put together a book that […]

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